3D Printing - Misc

When not creating real-time assets for games, I do as much 3D printing oriented work as time allows. Some of these are my personal works with a few freelance pieces thrown in.

Dogs for Industria Mechanika 1/35 scale kit


Lee williamson dogs
Lee williamson 135waterfowl assortment

Seabirds for Industria Mechanika 1/35 scale kit


Lee williamson 135 sea birds
Lee williamson 135 typical cat assortment

Sheep-goat for Industria Mechanika1/35 scale kit


Lee williamson sheep goat
Lee williamson img 0345

Wacom Stylus Holder - Printed on From 2

Lee williamson penholder
Lee williamson penholder close
Lee williamson penholder sidetop
Lee williamson img 0349

Work in Progress shot of and 8 inch car prop that I created for a History Channel show. I was given the model. My part was making it printable as well as printing and finishing.

Lee williamson img 0344

Replacement Impeller for Dyson Vacuum - Downloaded from Thingiverse and printed on Form 2

Lee williamson img 0346

Badge - Printed on Form 2

Lee williamson img 0347

Badge Castings with 3D printed name banner

Lee williamson e6768f35 6c61 4232 bfd9 4f86366c48d1 908 0000012ddd69b549

Painted Badges, Ready for Shipping

Lee williamson badgesclose