Grave Marker - Photogrammetry

This scan is comprised of 350 photographs that were processed using Agisoft Photoscan. The raw mesh was cleaned up and missing areas filled, using Zbrush. Levels, color correction and cleanup for the photos and textures were done using Lightroom and Photoshop, with a sprinkling of Crazybump and Bitmap2Material. Retopology was done using 3ds Max and the normal bake was done in Toolbag 3. Lastly, Substance Painter was used to generate the gloss and reflectivity maps, and for overall texture touch-up, fills, etc.

Lee williamson toolbag uplox

Untouched Marmoset Toolbag Render

Lee williamson gravemarker source back

Source Photograph Example

Lee williamson gravemarker source

Source Photograph Example

Lee williamson angle cross

3D Print (approximately 7" tall)