Fleur-De-Lis - Photogrammetry

This piece comes from work I did for Daedalus art, in Watertown, MA (https://www.daedalusart.com/), for their extensive restoration of a 19th century lighting sconce.

The scanned mesh was derived via photogrammetry (Photoscan), and was used as a "Live Mesh" within Maya. Final details were done in Zbrush, with the texturing generated via Substance Painter.

A printed version was output via my Form 2 printer, and is currently being used as a master for casting.

Fleur-De-Lis - Digital Reproduction

Fleur Raw Photogrammetry Output -Decimated

Lee williamson williamsonfleur

Subject - Bronze Fleur

Lee williamson fleursideways

Sketchfab Render

Lee williamson fleur

Sketchfab Render